Hospital of the 21st century

Increased efficiency and lower costs without compromising patient treatment and care, thanks to future-oriented technology from Siemens: In the hospital of the 21st century located in the Dutch town of Sittard, patients receive excellent, cost-effective care thanks to future-oriented technology from Siemens. High-tech solutions from Siemens make work easier for doctors and nurses and thereby increase the hospital’s productivity.

Significant characteristics / installed solution

  • Fire detection and extinguishing central stations provide cost-effective monitoring and fast response in an emergency. The systems installed include 11 fire detection central stations, 4 XC10 extinguishing central stations, 1 E100 voice alarm system with 526 loudspeakers and 1 MM8000 fire management system.
  • Monitoring equipment such as access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems help to maximize security. Equipment installed includes 385 card readers, 31 Sipass central stations, 53 PTZ cameras and 76 fixed cameras.
  • HiMed bedside terminals at every hospital bed make it possible to individually regulate room temperature and lighting, open blinds and curtains and call the nursing staff. Patients can operate radios and TVs via touch screen controls. They also have Internet access. Patients therefore enjoy maximum comfort, while medical staff can concentrate fully on the work at hand.
  • Electronic medical records enable doctors and nurses to review patient documents anywhere in the hospital with the aid of a chip card. This increases staff productivity and saves valuable time.
  • An innovative building automation system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning provides above-average energy efficiency; it is equipped with 3400 DESIGO RXC controllers, 103 PXR11 controllers and 22 DESIGO PXC controllers.
  • Compact Monitoring Technology (CMT) makes it possible to fully monitor the preparation of ready-to-use cytostatic solutions.
  • The low-voltage distribution system includes SIKUS 3200 and SIVACON busbars, SENTRON 3WL circuit breakers and BETA low voltage circuit protection devices.


Environmental value

  • Integrated building technology lowers energy costs and decreases environmental pollution
  • CO2 emissions are reduced.
  • Siemens products are safe for the environment over their entire life cycles


Customer value
Thanks to integrated state-of-the-art solutions, Sittard’s hospital of the 21st century can offer healthcare services at a significantly lower cost than the one in traditional medical facilities. And they can do this in an environment that feels more like a luxury hotel than a hospital. No wonder that the staff of the Sittard hospital refer to their patients as “guests”, which is exactly how the patients feel.