The green lab

The Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves in Miraflores near Lisbon, Portugal is a main pillar of the Joaquim Chaves Group – which also includes Imaging and Oncology Centers – and one of the leading private laboratories operating in Portugal. Due to its size, high levels of specialization, and superior-quality work, the facility is also considered a reference laboratory for the region. In view of increasing cost pressures triggered by market consolidation, the economic crisis, and increasing wastewater and solid-waste disposal costs, in December 2007 the Laboratório invested in a Siemens laboratory automation solution. This investment boosted the company’s competitiveness and environmental friendliness.

Significant characteristics

  • Implementation of customized Siemens Automation Solutions including clinical chemistry, immunoassay, and haematology complemented with haemostasis, urinalysis and blood gas instruments
  • Installation of kPCR technology for molecular testing
  • Consolidation of departments in one core lab with 40 percent reduction in space required*
  • Relocation of 10 percent of lab personnel to manual testing sections in the laboratory*


Environmental value

  • 30 tons less material waste annually – thanks to eliminating the use of nearly a million sample tubes each year*
  • 74 percent reduction of liquid waste*
  • 40 percent savings in water consumption*


Customer and patient value

  • Higher profitability and increased competitiveness, thanks to 30 percent lower lab costs*
  • Acceleration of analysis periods by 59 percent without affecting quality*
  • Reduction of 50 percent in volume of blood samples*


* Data on file.