The Scope of Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES)

Delivering Tailored Solutions for Hospitals

The Scope of Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES)
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Extended Service

Audit and Assess Existing Equipment

With Siemens as your partner, you are working with one of the world’s largest producers of medical imaging modalities. Siemens helps to audit your existing equipment and assess your future needs in order to get more value from your installed base.


Strategic Procurement

Siemens manages the whole value chain from supplier selection to end of equipment life. By leveraging global procurement capabilities, we achieve optimized economies of scale and whole-life cost value.


Performance Management and Guarantees

Siemens understands that when you need to treat more patients more quickly, reliability is key. That’s why Siemens provides you with reduced equipment downtime. By providing regular service reports and analysis, Siemens proactively manages performance and reliability issues.


Risk Management

With a Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES), the key risks (both operational and financial) involved with medical equipment are managed for you through:

  • Siemens’ experience and expertise
  • Rigorous maintenance schedules
  • Rolling equipment replacement programs